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Your Vocational Status Is Not Your Identity

Your Vocational Status Is Not Your Identity

Single? Dating? Engaged? Discerning religious life? 

These phases of life obviously matter. That's why we all care about them so much. But these phases of discernment and waiting have absolutely nothing to do with your identity. 

When you first read that you probably think, uhh duh Court, obviously my identity is not just "single." But I beg you to really think about if you've let yourself slip into this lie that you are your current relationship status. 

How often have you introduced yourself and shared, 

"Hi, I'm single."

"Hi, I'm currently in a relationship."

"Hi, I'm recently engaged."

"Hi, I'm discerning religious life."

When in reality it's just, "Hi, I'm Courtney, I'm beloved." 

Now obviously, when you're introducing yourself in a public setting, it would be a bit odd to go right through the front door blurting out, "HI I'M BELOVED" but I want you to reflect on these questions because that internal script is so clearly there. That internal script makes us believe where our identity lies. 

Believe this with me. 

"I am beloved."

Exactly where I am, in this precise moment. 

In the messiest of my thoughts, I'm beloved. 

In the most put together days, I'm beloved. 

In the temptations, I'm beloved. 

In the failures, I'm beloved. 

In the successes, I'm beloved. 

When I'm actively chosen in this world, I'm beloved. 

When I'm denied, I'm beloved. 

That is the unwavering truth my friends. No matter what, you are a beloved daughter or son of the Most High. And regardless of where you are in your journey to that shiny, beautiful invitation that is your Vocation, your identity as His never changes. 

Know this, pray with this, and believe this in your heart with me. When you need the reminder of this truth, just ask your Creator to help you remember. He'll jump at the chance to lead you in this beautiful little way.