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Petals of Nothingness

Petals of Nothingness

St. Therese of Lisieux wrote this gorgeous reflection on "unpetalling" flowers and strewing them at her Beloved's feet. Knowing fully that with every petal of nothingness that she gave back to him, He would glorify with His Divine Touch. 

She says with such perfection, "O Jesus, of what use will my flowers be to You? Ah! mI know very well that this fragrant shower, these fragile, worthless petals, these songs of love from the littlest of hearts will charm You. Yes, these nothings will please You."

Ever since I read the phrase, "these nothings will please You" I've been praying with what my "nothings" are that I give back to my Love. Am I trusting in Jesus enough to take a flower that He's given me, and unpetal it knowing that He will put it back together in an even more beautiful design than it was before? 

Do I believe that these gifts of nothingness are so cherished by my Maker that He can use them in ways that can extinguish flames in the Church and convert hearts?

St. Therese had this ridiculously deep confidence. And I desire the same. 

Make your daughter bold oh Jesus. St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for us!